Export Restrictions

Certain Enthought Software Products are subject to export restrictions of the United States Government. If you are (a) in a country to which export from the United States is restricted for anti-terrorism reasons, or a national of any such country, wherever located, (b) in a country to which the United States has embargoed or restricted the export of goods or services, or a national of any such country, wherever located, or (c) a person or entity who has been prohibited from participating in United States export transactions by any agency of the United States Government, then you may not install, download, access, use, or license the Enthought software products subject to such export restrictions. By accepting a license to an export restricted product, you warrant and represent to Enthought that (1) you do not match the criteria set forth in (a), (b), or (c) above, (2) that you will not export or re-export the Enthought product to any country, person, or entity subject to U.S. export restrictions, including those persons and entities that match the criteria set forth in (a), (b), or (c) above, and (3) that neither the United States Bureau of Industry and Security, nor any other U.S. federal agency, has suspended, revoked, or denied your export privileges.

Enthought makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the classifications and status listed in the following Product/Country Matrix below:

Product ECCN Embargoed Countries All Other Countries License Exception
Canopy EAR99 Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria NLR N/A
Canopy Geoscience EAR99 Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria NLR N/A
Enthought Deployment Server EAR99 Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria NLR N/A
Clear Core EAR99 Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria NLR N/A
Virtual Core EAR99 Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria NLR N/A

Any use of such classifications by the user, is without recourse to Enthought and is at the users’ own risk. Enthought is in no way responsible for any damages whether direct, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, suffered by the user as a result of using or relying upon such classifications, for any purpose whatsoever.



EAR99 is a classification for an item generally consisting of consumer goods and do not require a license in many situations. It indicates that a particular item is subject to the Export Administration Regulation (EAR), but not specifically described by an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) on the Commerce Control List (CCL). While the classification describes the item, the authorization for shipment of that item may change, depending on the circumstances of the transaction. Exports of an EAR99 item to an embargoed country, to an end-user of concern, or in support of a prohibited end-use are required to obtain a license.

This export control classification is for software which uses encryption technology and is eligible for export to all countries, with certain exceptions. Enthought products with this classification contain ancillary cryptography due to the inclusion of OpenSSL open source software. Since the Software is not primarily useful for communication, Enthought has self-classified the OpenSSL component as EAR99. Further, pursuant to License Exception TSU – §742.15(b), the OpenSSL component of the Software can be exported as NLR, no license required except to those countries embargoed by the United States.


The U.S. holds complete embargoes against Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

The exportation, re-exportation, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person wherever located, of any Enthought goods, software, technology (including technical data), or services to any of these countries is strictly prohibited without prior authorization by the U.S. Government.


In all other countries, the license type most appropriate for the listed classification is provided.  For the EAR99 classification, no export license is required and is designated NLR (No License Required).


An export license IS NOT required when product is classified under one of the following License Exceptions: NLR (No License Required).  NLR may be used for either EAR99 items or items on the CCL that do not require a license for the destination.